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Fire Equipment Inc. carries fire protection sprinkler and standpipe systems for commercial and industrial fire protection applications. A variety of applications include:

  • Historical Sites
  • SemiConductor Facilities
  • Institutional
  • Financial Facilities
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Commercial building space
  • Data Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Plants/Refineries
  • and more.

A wide variety of Sprinkler Systems


We also offer a complete line of spray nozzles, in open and automatic styles with a variety of orifice sizes and spray patterns.

Types of Sprinkler Systems we carry:

Wet Pipe Systems: The wet pipe system is the simplest and most common type of fire sprinkler installation. Wet systems are frequently installed in factories, warehouses, and office buildings where the potential for freezing does not exist. The system is normally filled with water and delivers water immediately onto the fire upon a single head activation.

Dry Pipe Systems: Dry Pipe Systems are frequently installed in areas subject to freezing temperatures, such as unheated storage areas and loading docks. System operation is similar to Wet Pipe Systems, except that the system piping is charged with compressed air or nitrogen instead of water. Upon sprinkler head activation, the air in the piping is discharged and water is subsequently discharged out of the open sprinkler. The entire system is designed to permit quick, easy maintenance—and constructed so it rarely needs any.

Preaction Systems are most frequently used to protect against accidental water discharge, or to speed the action of large dry pipe systems. Common installations include computer rooms, process control rooms, libraries, and freezers.

  • The Single-Interlocked Preaction System requires activation of the detection system before allowing water to flow into the closed sprinkler system piping. This helps prevent unwanted water flow when a pipe or sprinkler is accidentally broken. Activation of either the detection system or a sprinkler head will allow water to flow into the sprinkler piping protecting the hazard.
  • Double-Interlocked Systems require activation of both the detection system and a sprinkler before allowing water to flow into the sprinkler system piping. This configuration provides even more protection against accidental discharge of water.

Sales Brochures: Sprinkler Brochure | Sprinkler Data Sheets

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